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Tired of wasting time outfitting your workforce?

We Can Help.

We provide a customer centric safety footwear program that simplifies outfitting your workforce. Our modern technology based approach ensures that your employees are outfitted correctly at a competitive price while reducing administrative burden.

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    Workwear Unlimited has been outfitting our employees for years and I couldn’t be happier with the level of service and professionalism.

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    Are We A Good Fit?

    We would love to help you outfit your work force! But to be respectful of your time, let’s make sure our corporate services would be a good fit for you.

    • Are you a company and not an individual?
    • Does your business have reoccurring workwear needs?
    • Do you spend $1000+ on outfitting your employees each year?

    If you answered “Yes” to all three questions then it sounds like our corporate services could be an excellent tool for you and your business!

    Tailored Technology

    Drive-up boot trucks have some nice features, but they can steal a full work day of productivity. Our online platform can be accessed from any internet connected device and employees can start and finish their equipment selection in less than 5 minutes. Instead of wasting the day standing in line, employees can complete their entire shopping experience on their own smartphone during a coffee break.

    Your employees will be able to access a gated online store with their own login. Employees select the gear they’d like from a pre-approved list of products that are all guaranteed to meet that employee’s specific safety requirements and allotted budget.

    An electronic voucher for a set amount (personalized for your account) comes preloaded with each employee’s personal login information, preventing any chance of overspending and completely eliminating the need for a manual reimbursement process.

    Quick and easy for them, totally hands-off for you.

    Safety Meets Efficiency

    Say goodbye to the long, laborious process of outfitting your employees in the safety gear their work requires. From the moment you meet your expert account manager, they will be committed to understanding and serving your business. They are dedicated to remaining as available as possible to you through email, phone calls, texting, or even direct messaging through our site. They’ll work with you until we know your business’s specific safety needs like the back of our hand, then we take it from there.

    Your account manager is full-service – completely accessible to your employees to provide expert customer service with a full understanding of your business account and your specific purchasing guidelines for workers.


    Reducing Your Costs

    Our product prices will always be customized for your business – period. Depending on the number of your employees and the particular safety technology your workers will need, we will design a specialized discount plan for the products your company needs.

    Yet that’s not the only way your Workwear Unlimited corporate account saves you money. Your time is incredibly valuable and it costs you and your company capital when you have to spend hours or even days slogging through a bureaucratic nightmare when it comes time to process the individual safety purchases of your employees. With your corporate account, we handle the paperwork for you and turn it into just one concise invoice a month.


    Industry Leading Service


    Our dedicated account managers are the cornerstone of our corporate services for a reason. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with their level of personal customer care and expertise. You are your account manager’s first priority, but they also provide top-notch service to your employees as well.

    In short, your account manager is your master key to Workwear Unlimited. Their job is to make sure your experience outfitting your employees with workwear is as smooth, low-stress, and affordable as possible.

    And they’re really good at it.

    Let us show you why the level of personal customer care our account managers provide is unmatched in our industry. We can’t wait to get started!


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